How We Rated Car Shipping Companies


Disclaimer. None of these scores are calculated live. We’re using data acquired at the time of performing the research

The formula

We take google reviews scores at their face value. Number of reviews for every company is statistically significant enough not to assign any weights to businesses individually. In formula, it’s marked as “GR”. Then we add the “pricing score” (PS). In it, there are considerations of price and price related complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Considerations such as underquoting (final cost being higher than quote) and making some kind of payment but not receiving it. This score having both price and public feedback, in our opinion, is the most significant. So, we add a weight of 1.5 to it. Last element of our grading formula is a “complaints ratio score” (CRS) percentage ratio of the last 12 months of Better Business Bureau complaints to the total number of BBB reviews on each respective company’s profile. We have added a lot of weight to some of the most common complaints in the pricing score. So, we added a weight of -0.5 to complaints. Made that weight negative to deduct the score from the sum of the first 2.

Final formula is following:

Final Score = GR+PS*1.5-CRS*0.5

To assign a grade, we gave the top company a grade of 10, and calculated the rest of the scores as percentage of that top company’s score and translated it to grade, by calculating the percentage of that top company’s grade 10.

Google reviews

Sherpa Auto Transport4.81,718
Montway Auto Transport4.715,232
AmeriFreight Car Transport4.73,471
Easy Auto Ship4.63,890
American Auto Shipping4.6896

Pricing Score

We requested quotes for a large SUV shipping about 1,200 miles. All the companies are providing services in covered and uncovered trailers. Covered trailer quotes came in within the $1,489- 1,707 range. In the grand scheme of things, It’s not such a huge difference. Uncovered trailer transportation is the most popular option out there. Also, it had the largest range in pricing quotes. For these reasons, we’ve excluded covered trailer option quotes from our pricing score.

2 additional criteria we used in calculation are:

  1. Ratio of underquoting to total number of Better Business Bureau complaints available for reading on their website.
  2. Ratio of complaints mentioning some sort of payment and never receiving a service to the total number of Better Business Bureau complaints available for reading on their website.

Company with the lowest quote for online payment (OP) received a score of 10. Then, we calculated the percentage increase for each company and subtracted it from that score of 10. Here are quotes and scores derived from that data alone.

AmeriFreight Car Transport$84910
American Auto Shipping$9099.3
Sherpa Auto Transport$1,0508
Montway Auto Transport$1,1498.8
Easy Auto Ship$1,2418.3

As mentioned before, just a low quote doesn’t mean that this would be the amount you pay. So, we took a look at complaints. For every underquoting complaint ratio (UQ) above 5%, we subtracted 3 points. For every ratio of payment made but services not rendered (NS) above 20%, we subtracted 3 points. And for every ratio of payment made but services not rendered above 10% and below 20% we subtracted 1.5 points. Here are these ratios for each company. We’re using numbers acquired at the date of the research. Number of reviews is under the “RN” column.

Sherpa Auto Transport0%0%469
Montway Auto Transport1.28%13.33%2269
American Auto Shipping0%75%377
Easy Auto Ship5.26%5.26703
AmeriFreight Car Transport17.65%60%502

Final Pricing Score

Sherpa Auto Transport8
American Auto Shipping6.3
Montway Auto Transport5.8
AmeriFreight Car Transport4.0
Easy Auto Ship3.8

Better Business Bureau complaint ratio

As mentioned before, we took each company’s ratio of last 12 months’ Better Business Bureau complaints to the number of their reviews and added a weight of 0.5.

Sherpa Auto Transport10.21%-0.105
Easy Auto Ship121.71%-0.855
AmeriFreight Car Transport122.39%-1.195
American Auto Shipping123.18-1.59
Montway Auto Transport753.31%-1.655

Final Calculations

Individual Scores:

  1. Google Reviews (GR)
  2. Pricing Score (PS)
  3. Better Business Bureau Score (BBB)

Sherpa Auto Transport4.88-0.105
American Auto Shipping4.66.3-1.59
Montway Auto Transport4.75.8-1.655
AmeriFreight Car Transport4.74.0-1.195
Easy Auto Ship4.63.8-0.855

Final Grade
Sherpa Auto Transport12.7010
American Auto Shipping9.317.3
Montway Auto Transport8.857.0
Easy Auto Ship7.555.9
AmeriFreight Car Transport7.515.9

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